Sunday, January 24, 2016

Main Differences Between Linux & Solaris

Default Shell/bin/bash (/bin/sh would typically symlinked to bash)/bin/sh

File System
Ext2/3/4 or XFS (RHEL 7)
UFS - Unix File System and VxFS,QFS & ZFS (Solaris 10 onwards) also supported.

/procHolds system hardware, proces details, kernel and tunnable files.Only holds process details (can't tuneup kernel parameters here). There is /platform directory which hold system (h/w) details.
Log FilesUsually under /var/log/var/log stores syslog and authlog files. /var/adm stores messages file.
Package Add/Removerpm -i & rpm -e (otherwise using "yum")pkgadd & pkgrm
Logical Volume On BootLVM and RAID are supported during installation.No LVM & RAID option during installation.
Auto-InstallKickstart (RHEL) & AutoYAST(SLES)Jumpstart
Device Creationudev would manage device creation dynamically.devfsadm
Partition Creation Commandsfdisk or parted format or fmthard
Create Filesystem Commandmkfs or mkfs.ext3 or mke2fs -j or partednewfs or mkfs
/tmpIt is disk file system and peristent across reboots.This is a virtual file system based on tmpfs.
Swap Commandsmkswap & swaponUsing "swap" commands
Processor DetailsUsing commands "mpstat", "lscpu" or "cat /proc/cpuinfo" or "dmideocde -t processor"psrinfo or mpstat
Current ProcesessOne could use "ps -ef" or "top" to get all the details.Using "prstat" command
File System Mount Table/etc/fstab/etc/vfstab
Memory (RAM) DetailsUsing "free", "cat /proc/meminfo", "dmidecode --type memory"Using "prtconf" command
Start ServiceUsing "service <servicename> start/restart/stop" Using "svcs" commands and "svcadm enable/disable <servicename>"
Change In Runlevel"init 5" switches to GUI mode."init 5" would shutdown a system.
Major VendorsRed Hat (RHEL/Fedora), Novel (Suse), Canonical (Ubuntu), Oracle (OEL), CentOS Project,Patrick Volkerding (Slackware), BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions) etc.Oracle Corp (originally developed by Sun Microsystems).

*comparisons made between Oracle Solaris & Linux (Red Hat variants), and operation based.


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