Friday, May 15, 2015

How To Check Health Status Of A Linux System

Get Your System Health Status Tested/Checked Today... ????

Here is a script to check the basic health status of a linux system.
This script has been tested to run successfully on RHEL7/6/5.x, Cent OS, SLES 12/11, Ubuntu 14 x86 and x86_64 bit architectures. It may work on other variants as well, however, not tested. These tests were run on virtual machines.

This is a small, light weight script which makes use of native Linux utilities to get the required details and doesn't need much space."

Details of the script:

Name Of The Script:

Build To Run On: RHEL 7/6/5.x /SLES 12/11 , Cent OS x86/x86_64 architecture.

Who Can Run This Script: Root User Or sudo user.

Depends On: "sysstat" & Other Native Commands.

Output: This Script would dump the details on the console.

Updated On: 25-Jun-2016

Following checks would be performed:

- Mounted File Systems

- Read-only File System If Any

- File Systems Disk Usage

- Inode Usage

- Zombie Processes If Found

- RAM Utilization

- SWAP Utilization

- Processor Utilization

- Current Load Average

- Most recent reboot and shutdown stamps.

- Top 5 memory & CPU consuming resources.

Download And Execute:

Now, you would need to download and run the script to get the basic health check of your  system checked. Use the link provided below to download the script. 

Change the file permissions to executable if required. You could run the below command to turn on the execute bit for root user:

#chmod u+x

If you are unable to download and move this script file to your linux system then you may need to copy the complete contents of the file as it is and paste into your file, set execute bit and run it later.

All the best!!!

Download Script File

You may prefer to scan the download and then execute it!!!

View the release files:

One could view/browse through the script file here, or can be copied directly from this file:

View sample text output file produced by "health-checksh" script :


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